Listone Giordano flooring is the combination of the innate gift of nature with the genius of man to manufacture unique wood flooring. It curates collections of wood flooring that respect the natural spirit of the wood and tell the story of ancient memory and craftsmanship. Listone Giordano hardwood flooring collections are featured in some of the best residential projects in the world. It takes central stage as the main international designer in architectural projects worldwide.

The tradition that links Listone Giordano to the culture of wood originates in the forests of Burgundy, France, where the best raw materials have been selected for many years. As one of only three permitted to cut from the Burgundy forests, Listone Giordano ensures the century-old tradition in sustainable forestry management. Once harvested, the wood is then examined and transported to the flooring facility in central Italy. Italian craftsmen design and curate each plank utilizing highly-advanced equipment & technology. The result is flooring that is not only beautiful, but environmentally friendly and uniquely capable of accommodating a wide range of temperature and humidity. The final product is flooring that becomes a furnishing element for years to come.

Listone Giordano perfectly blends a centuries old tradition of Italian craftsmanship with the most modern manufacturing processes to create the world’s finest wood flooring. Today, this exquisite flooring is a permanent fixture found in all the new Bulgari locations worldwide, The Residences at MOMA in New York, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, and many other preeminent hospitality, luxury retail and ultra-exclusive residential developments.

Designed by nature, Listone Giordano wood flooring is the result of Italian traditions in craftsmanship, historic values and highly efficient technical advances that have revolutionized the design of hardwood flooring.
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